Building and Remodeling Custom Homes and Condominiums… For 34 Years…


Rusty Chinnis Contractor Inc. has been building and remodeling homes and condominiums on Longboat Key for more than thirty years. Call us for a free consultation and we'll show you how we provide our clients value while exceeding expectations. We believe an exceptional product and process can be the most cost effective option.

Our motto, The Quality and Service You've Come To Expect, reflects our commitment to providing a level of service and a dedication to quality that exceeds the expectations of our discerning clientele. We evaluate our success by letters of reference we receive from our clients, referrals and the tremendous repeat business that we enjoy.
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In the thirty plus years I've been building on Longboat Key, I'm constantly reminded of the amount of detail that goes into even the simplest project. Managing a project to make sure the designer, client, and all subcontractors have the information they need is critical to the success of the project.
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We’ve learned that a 100% commitment to the needs of our clients meets our objectives as well as yours. We accomplish this with an investment in state of the art technology as well as dedication to the values of integrity, responsibility and trust. We’ve worked hard, made mistakes and learned valuable lessons that have made us better at our goal of focusing on the needs of you, our client.

Our thorough understanding of the permitting process on Longboat Key, FEMA rules and regulations and our ability to expedite our projects through permits
and inspections assures timely completion. Our excellent rapport with Longboat Key's building officials and staff has been established through trust over thirty plus years.
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