Understanding Plans

PlansUnderstanding Plans

   Understanding plans is nothing short of knowing  the value of your remodeling project.  I think it’s fair to say that very few clients really understand the scope and complexity that plans represent. That’s why it is important for your  contractor to conduct a thorough plans review session with you before a project actually begins. The plans are also intricately connected to the specifications that accompany them. Every subcontractor who bids on a project where plans are necessary should include the line “As per Plans and Specifications” on their proposal

Understanding your plans and reading all the schedules, notes, and criteria contained on them will decrease the likelihood of unanticipated costs associated with change orders.  A complete set of plans includes a “Demolition Plan, a “Renovation Plan”, an “Electrical” Plan, a “Flooring Plan”, and a schedule of windows and doors if applicable. Other informational items about hardware, casing, baseboards, cabinets and shelving should be recorded in the plans, as well as the specifications. Taking the time to carefully review renovation plans,  will definitely save you money and headaches during the renovation process.

Understanding plans is critical to a successful, well planned project!

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