Understanding Specifications


Understanding Specifications

Understanding specifications is vital for the homeowner. Plans show the overall scope of the project including  items like wall layout, elevations, window schedules, door schedules, and what kind of flooring (carpet, tile, wood) is being used.  The specifications go into more detail. An example might be a line item called Wood Flooring with the following information:  Armstrong 3 inch engineered hardwood plank in natural cherry, product number EPP3108. With detailed specifications there is no room for error,  you know exactly what you’re getting.

The specifications should be specific to the various rooms in a remodeling or building project like  kitchen, master bath, living room, and dining room. The individual rooms will each have a number of items listed like flooring, fixtures, cabinets, paint colors  and trim. Since understanding  specifications is so important, homeowners might request that a contractor provide specifications in  a format that is easy for them to understand.  In my opinion a specifications book that lists the rooms and includes a detailed description of items like plumbing fixtures, their individual model numbers and pictures are best. These books can be printed or provided in digital form as a PDF file. Understanding specifications will help you realize your dream.


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