The Evolution of The Key

KwiksetWith Kwikset’s new digital technology you can use your smartphone as an eKey.

About eKeys

What is an eKey?An eKey is an encrypted electronic key. The eKey moves your physical key into the digital world and significantly improves your home access experience. With the Kevo app, you can enjoy the security and convenience of complete key management:

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After The Project

After The Project

Rusty Chinnis Contractor Inc. - Kitchen PortfolioIf you’ve made the right decisions, hired the right Contractor and made a conscious effort to understand your plans and specifications you should have been rewarded with a project that met or exceeded your expectations.  After the project is complete homeowners have an implied warranty of one year as mandated by Florida Construction Law. After that, it’s a matter of having established a relationship based on trust with your builder. A builder with a good, long standing reputation will be responsive to his clients after the implied warranty, and will be an advocate well into the future. This is especially important for home owners that spend a significant amount of time up north (snow birds) during the summer and other times of the year. Having a professional that knows your home, who is trusted and looks out for your interests, is the real test of a business relationship.  When  something goes wrong or you need service it’s disconcerting to not get a return call or to find that the number that once reached your contractor’s office is no longer in service.  The initial costs of a project are important, but the relationship can be far more important.

Understanding Contracts

Understanding Contracts

Understanding Contracts


Why are contracts so important? The contract is the legal document  between a contractor and a client that spells out the terms of the agreement for a construction project. Contracts detail the responsibilities of the

contractor and what they will be providing the client.

Are there different kinds of contracts? Contracts may be a cost plus or

a fixed sum. A cost plus contract will vary according to any changes made

during the progress of the project but the administration costs and profit

margin will be agreed upon in advance. In either case contracts should be

tied to the specifications and the plans.

How do change orders relate to contracts? Change orders affect the

scope of work and the costs. How change orders are handled should be

agreed upon before the work is initiated. In general, work above and

beyond the contract amount is not done before a change order is signed. In

the field small changes may need to be initiated immediately to expedite

the completion of the project.

What else do you need to know? The contract should also spell out

the date by which the contract price must be accepted and details such as

responsibilities for insurance. A well thought out and executed contract is


Understanding Specifications


Understanding Specifications

Understanding specifications is vital for the homeowner. Plans show the overall scope of the project including  items like wall layout, elevations, window schedules, door schedules, and what kind of flooring (carpet, tile, wood) is being used.  The specifications go into more detail. An example might be a line item called Wood Flooring with the following information:  Armstrong 3 inch engineered hardwood plank in natural cherry, product number EPP3108. With detailed specifications there is no room for error,  you know exactly what you’re getting.

The specifications should be specific to the various rooms in a remodeling or building project like  kitchen, master bath, living room, and dining room. The individual rooms will each have a number of items listed like flooring, fixtures, cabinets, paint colors  and trim. Since understanding  specifications is so important, homeowners might request that a contractor provide specifications in  a format that is easy for them to understand.  In my opinion a specifications book that lists the rooms and includes a detailed description of items like plumbing fixtures, their individual model numbers and pictures are best. These books can be printed or provided in digital form as a PDF file. Understanding specifications will help you realize your dream.


Understanding Plans

PlansUnderstanding Plans

   Understanding plans is nothing short of knowing  the value of your remodeling project.  I think it’s fair to say that very few clients really understand the scope and complexity that plans represent. That’s why it is important for your  contractor to conduct a thorough plans review session with you before a project actually begins. The plans are also intricately connected to the specifications that accompany them. Every subcontractor who bids on a project where plans are necessary should include the line “As per Plans and Specifications” on their proposal

Understanding your plans and reading all the schedules, notes, and criteria contained on them will decrease the likelihood of unanticipated costs associated with change orders.  A complete set of plans includes a “Demolition Plan, a “Renovation Plan”, an “Electrical” Plan, a “Flooring Plan”, and a schedule of windows and doors if applicable. Other informational items about hardware, casing, baseboards, cabinets and shelving should be recorded in the plans, as well as the specifications. Taking the time to carefully review renovation plans,  will definitely save you money and headaches during the renovation process.

Understanding plans is critical to a successful, well planned project!

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